Sunday, April 17, 2011

Planning Your 2011 Garden

I'm sure most of you have already started planning your garden but I really haven't. I thought about but haven't drawn out a plan yet.  This will be our third year having a garden and we really haven't every drawn out a plan the past two years. This year I want to change that and want to get more out of my garden as far as fitting more plants it in.
It's about 50' X 25' yeah it's large just for having two people but as I mentioned earlier I like to can like I'm sure most of you do. I subscribe to Mother Earth News and they are offering a 30 day trial of a garden planning program online, it's FREE and you only need to them your email address no credit card info. I have just started using it and think it awesome!!! We are havg a veggie garden and adding a herb garden this year. You can try the program yourself at . Hope you've like it as much as I have.


  1. Thanks for the info!

    I am on the barn hop from Homestead Revival. Stop by MY BLOG when you get a chance...... I am having a giveaway!!

  2. It has been so wet , that I have nto gardend much. Thnaks for the post.


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