About Me

Hi, I'm Kristin and welcome to my blog A Begining Homestead! I will blogging my homesteading journey for the world to see. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and have been homesteading for about 2 years. We live in country on about 6.5 acres with lots of chickens, 3 cats and 1 dog. We want to live a more simple life and grow our relationship with God. We meet when we were both 16 and married four years later. I was not a believer until after I meet my husband as he brought me to Christ and I thank the Lord everyday for that. We have many plans for our homestead such as having a larger gareden, fruit trees, getting a cow(s), goats, pig(s), become solar powered, using a wood burnig stove and/or wood boiler and so much more. We both currently work full time away from the house so some of these are somewhat on hold until we figure out how to manage both. We want to be less reliable on modern conviences, except internet and cell phones of course. Join me on our journey to becoming more self-sufficient. 

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