Monday, June 27, 2011

DeCluttering Your Home

I’m glad I’m finally done with the large task of decluttering my house and mini barn!! It took a couple weeks to finish it since I worked on it my spare time and not everyday since it can be overwhelming. 

We filled the cab of extended cab pick up (not the driver seat of course) and some of the bed. I think back and I don’t know I got to accumulate all this stuff! Though I did receive a lot from my dad and his wife since they are in the process of retiring to a smaller house but I’ve sorted though that as I got it. Also over the years people give you stuff, you buy stuff that maybe you really did need but it was on clearance (totally guilty of that) or at a garage sales, etc.

I admit I do have a hard time throwing stuff away because I might need it but I stuck to rules this time. My house was as much as dirty but as full of “stuff”. When you accumulate so much stuff you forget you have it and in order to live a more simple life I had to get the de cluttering done. Everything I kept had a purpose or reason for it. Ok, I did keep some decorative things but I did scale down on that too as I really define what I want my house to look like.  When getting rid of items I asked myself the following:

When and why am I going to use this item?

Will I use it frequently?

Have I used it in the past year? 

Or sometimes,   Why did I buy this again?

Do I really need this item or is there something else I have that can be used instead of this item?

I now have both the spare bedrooms back and now one a devoted craft room and the other one is now a true office for now. After we cleared out all the stuff and vacuumed and walked back in the house I thought “wow maybe my house isn’t so small after all”.

Now when buying anything whether new or not, I ask myself the following:

What am I going to use this for?

Is there something I can modify at home instead of purchasing it?

Depending on what the item is- Is this a good price? Can I wait for it to go on sale?

Will I use this item on regular basis or everyone once a while?

Sometimes if I’m not sure I walk about with it and really contemplate it. It works. By really thinking about it and walking around with it I have left many things at the store.

I recently went to garage sales and only came home with 3 cookbooks, a table runner and one Americana decorative item.  And I went to lots of garage sales too.

Since I’ve decluttered it I’m really staying on top of cleaning everyday too. I also have to admit that I fell like a new woman since and a more organized person too since it’s been done too. I can now focus on other tasks such as learning to quilt, sew, knit, make soap and the list goes on.

Have you decluttered recently?


  1. I love to declutter. I have four kids and they don't like to declutter. So I have to encourage them that either they can choose what goes in the trash or the giveaway box, or I will do it for them. It only took one time with one kid for them all to know I mean business! Even my Hubby has been subject to this to an extent. I don't touch his stuff in the barn/garage! But I go through his clothes regularly. My one issue is my craft room. I hoard crafty things. my excuse being that you never know when you will need reams of lace or material or googly eyes. I try.
    Love the pic of the overwhelmed housewife. Where do you find those?

  2. I am forever decluttering. In fact I find it rather addictive and when someone willbring something to me and ask, "Where should I put this?", I usually answer, "The trash." If it's not obvious where something belongs, we probably don't need it :)

  3. We frequently purge, so that it doesn't build up. It makes you feel great, right? The bonus is then that you create a space for all the good energy to come your way! Enjoy!

  4. Domestic Goddess- I too (hoard) craft items but it doesn't take up that much room. Maybe I'll go through those items later this year. I found the pic by just googling.

  5. You are right Quinn if you can't think of where to put it it probably doesn't belong. It it's good rule of thumb to think of when you are purchasing something. Thanks!

  6. Daisy it does make you feel great and I will be getting in the habit of doing it very often :-)

  7. I love declutter and organization, good for you Kristin. Once a friends hubby asked my DH if I was OCD, we laugh everytime we think about it. Why is it that I'm the odd ball because I like organization and a clean house. I was taught how to work as a youngster and orgnization happens to be a gift, it's so natural for me. I don't care if a friends house is not like mine, that's not what makes a friendship. Unless she offers me a brownie and when the foil is taken from the pan a bun of bugs swirl around :( Actually that happened at a friends once and I was still friends with her. She cleaned up her kitchen and tried her best to keep it that way after I told her a thing or two bout her brownies ;)

  8. Thanks Sassy! That's a great thing that you like to be organized! That would have been an awkward situation in regards to the bugs and the brownies. Maybe its a good thing that you said something :-)


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