Monday, June 20, 2011


I love the beginning of summer when strawberries are ripe for the picking. I generaly just make strawberry jam but this year I also wanted to freeze strawberries for strawberry shortcake and strawberry topping for homemade cheesecake (yum).
This weekend my mom and I went and picked 40 pounds of strawberries.  I didn't pick any last year so I forgot how much jam we made the previous year so I figured what we picked should be enough and it was.

Here's all the berries that we picked.

And here's what we made:

8 batches of freezer jam which is 40 cups! I only kept a jar since this recipe has lots of sugar. My mom and brothers took the rest. 

1 batch of regular cooked jam. I used the low sugar recipe and got 8 half pints.I love the way the jam looks it the jars its so pretty.

12- 2 cup bags of sugar pack strawberries which is 1 cup sugar to 6 cup berries.

As you can tell we had a lot of berries to work with and did all this is about 3 hours which isn't too bad. My mom washed, hulled and cut up the berries. I made the jam and processed it and also made the freezer berries. Thanks mom for your all your help!!

Have you canned jam or froze strawberries yet this year? I know the berry season isn't too long. 


  1. Wow, love the pictures! You have a great supply of strawberries for the winter. We are a low sugar family also and have frozen strawberries by cleaning them, leaving them whole and placing on cookie sheets in the freezer. When they are frozen we bag them.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Hello Kristin, I found your blog on Homestead Barn Hop and thought to visit. I love strawberries but do not grow them either.... not yet anyway ;) I need to get over to Nottawa Fruit Farm so that I may can some for future deserts and make strawberry jam. It will be my first time canning berries of any sort. I love it!

  3. strawberries are my favorite! you made me want to eat some with those wonderful photos. lovely blog found you on homestead barn hop :0)

  4. yum!! can't wait for berries to get ripe here! everything looks so nice!

  5. Hi Sassy, Welcome. Good luck on canning strawbery jam!!! It's fun :)

  6. Hi Georgia, Thanks for the compliments on the photos, my mom actaully took them. Thanks for visiting :)


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