Monday, July 18, 2011

Life Is a Bowl Full of Cherries

Its cherry season here in Michigan and I went and picked cherries last weekend. I have never done this before so it was a new experience.

It was hard to find a tree that wasn't picked over or that you didn't need to climb a ladder in order to get the cherries. I finally found a couple and picked about 18 lbs. I picked some Rainier cherries but mostly sweet. I never even heard of the rainier cherry until this year either. It has a yellow and red skin with a yellow flesh but taste pretty close to a sweet cherry. The yellow flesh it nice so your hands or face don't get stained. I imagine a good cherry for the kids since there would be any worry for stained clothes, faces, etc.

I made some low sugar jam, canned whole pitted cherries and dried some too. Here are some pics of the experience.

Here are the buckets used to pick the cherries

Cherry trees
Sweet Cherries

Rainier Cherries

Preparing Cherries to dry
Canned Cherries
Cherry Jam

Do you can or dry cherries?


  1. Awesome post Kristin and beautiful pictures too. I've never picked or canned cherries. Why are your jars upside down?

    I just canned raspberries for the first time. We were so busy with yard stuff so I canned them up quick so they wouldn't go bad in fridge. I figured I can make deserts or jam later with them.

  2. Good for you! I plan to run over to Door County (Wisconsin) and pick some too. This will be my first time too. You have now inspired me to dry some too. Blessings from Wisconsin!

  3. hi kristin,
    i wish i can picked cherries for jam or canned,but
    in my part of country is that impossible.
    your jam and canned cherries looks good.
    have a nice time,
    ps.i like your blog

  4. I love canned cherries. My mother used to can these for us as children. We use to have pit spitting contests. I've even started canning them for my grandchildren. Unfortunately they live about 1200 miles from me, so they only get what I can stick in the car.

  5. Thanks Sassy. I put my jars upside down after taking them out of the water bath to help them seal better. After they cool a little bit I flip them back over to finish cooling.

    Hope you had fun canning the raspberries. I have yet to do that.

  6. Thanks Dicky Bird. Don't forget to pick up a cherry pitter if you don't already have one. Also I use newspaper and/or old towels when I'm working with cherries to prevent any staining on the counters and tables. Hope you enjoy picking and preserving your cherries your going to get.

  7. Hi Regina thank you. That's too bad that fresh picked cherries are available where you leave.

  8. Thanks cute Carmi. I'm glad that yoru able to can them for your grandchildren I'm sure they appreciate it.

  9. How fun! I love cherries in the summer- so yummy! Your jam looks beautiful :)

  10. Those look SO yummy! I love cherries, Bing cherries in particular. At the home my family lived in until I was 12, we had what must have been a Rainier Cherry tree b/c those look just like what we had. Very tart but good.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><


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