Thursday, July 21, 2011

Table Runner Quilt

I finally finished my table runner quilt!!!!!!

I started this back in end of March and just finished it last week. The when the person that was showing me was very inpatient and was actually showing me the wrong way to cut the squares so thank goodness her sister showed up and at least got me on the right track. But at that time I didn’t understand the concept of building the block.

When I left their house I was still frustrated and didn’t know if I wanted to restart so I lost a lot of time there. When I brought it home I had only started half of an block. When I went to restart my sewing machines was jamming. . I finally brought it in to the local sewing machine repair shop and come to find out I wasn’t threading it right. So here I was blaming the machine and it was an operator error J Well hey at least it works now

When I finally got my sewing machine back in order I basically read the directions and finally finished it. I’m a hands on learner so I thought I might have a problem reading the instructions but everything worked out great. When I messed up I just took out the thread and started over.

I would say it looks good for not having seen since I was in the 7th grade, which is 15 years (oh no now I’m dating myself J). I got the pattern from and the pattern is Moda Marbles Stars Table runner.
Here's a close up of the block

I really enjoyed working on this and can’t wait to dive into the next project which will be a lap quilt.  I will start this in the fall. Right now I’m learning to sew an apron.
Do any of you quilt? If so what do you mostly quilt? If not do you wan to learn? Feel  free to share anything about quilting.


  1. WOW! you did a great job and it's pretty Kristin. I've never done any quilting, I don't know that I could teach myself. I'm a visual person, like you, I'm a hands on learner, I want to see someone doing it. Of course someone with experience and patience :)

  2. Very nice! You should be proud! I've been quilting for several years now and (as with most things) every project is an adventure! One tip that is great for matching points: after you sew together a small section of your full block (like the center square or one row of triangles), trim/square up that small section to whatever size it should be. Even if you're only trimming off 1/8 inch, it helps when you sew all the sections together.

  3. Thanks Sassy!

    Thanks Bopeep. Thanks for the tip too!!! I will surely use that on my next quilt (adventure)


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