Monday, March 14, 2011

Craft Project: Fabric Panels

We'll techinally I don't know the name of these things but that's ok.

I’m really in the mood to redecorate my whole house but can’t spend a lot of money so I’m been thinking of what I can do. So to begin my redecorating journey I thought I would start with one room, my living room.
We painted this room a few years ago and have some painting and pictures but I wanted something a little more modern but not a lot of $$. I’ve seen these in several magazines and thought I would see how cheap I could do it. Here are the supplies that you need which I found at a local craft store.

2 packs (3 in each) of Canvas panel (2 x $3.49=$6.98)

2 Fat Quarters of fabric for quilting. I picked larger patterns so it really would look like fabric (2 X 1.39=$2.78)

Pictures hangers ($3.29)

Glue gun and sticks (already had)

Total: $22.24

1.  Iron fabric

2. Lay canvas panels on fabric to measure. Make sure you have enough fabric on each side of the panel to fold it over. Cut fabric.

3. I made cuts on each corner so it was a little easier to fold it over but you may do what you think will work

4. Hot glue the panel and adhere fabric on all sides

5. Trim any fabric that overhangs and is visible when looking at the front of the panel

6. Mark were you want to glue your hangers on

7. Glue hangers and let set for a little bit to dry

8. Hang and enjoy!!

With the 2 that are left over I’m going to buy more fat quarters that coordinate with my bedroom and and use them there.

If you have any questions or maybe I may have to forgot to write a set down let me know. 

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