Thursday, March 31, 2011

Joys of Canning with the Bounty from Your Garden

Ahh the joys of canning and reaping the rewards all winter long. I canned assorted jams including jalapeño jelly, tomatoes, salsa, peaches and applesauce. The rack above was completely full by the end of summer/early fall. With just my husband and I we have gone through a lot of the canned goods this winter. I hope my garden is successful this summer so I can more veggies. We're a little late planning our garden this year because of our work schedules.
I have to admit that one of our goals this year was to be way ahead of the game but sadly we are not well at least to start some things from seeds. Here in Michigan we don't plant until Memorial Day so we can still go to the local nursery to purchase plants. We will still start green beans from seeds this year.  When I can I try to do it do it in spurts as much as I can such as waiting til Saturday to can the tomatoes and work on it for several hours. Though this doesn't always work but is the most ideal situation for me. I have canned 15 jars of salsa in one day and that was very exhausted with all the steps involved in the process. How many have an all-day canning session? Or do you can as the crop is ready?


  1. I decided to take a little time and read from the beginning of your blog world. The reason is I live in Michigan too and am a homesteader just like you. Then I read alot about you and found even though there's a big age difference, I'm 54.... we have much in common.

    I learned to can about 3 years ago and just love it. It can be hard work at times and other times it's really easy. I love controlling what goes into my jars, how pretty they look and the good, healthy, tasy vittles at our finger tips. I'm still learning, it is an interesting job.

  2. That's great to meet a fellow Michigander!! What part are you from? Me, West Michigan and close to the lake. I'm sure we do have a lot in common. I too learned to can 3 years ago. Your right sometimes it's easy and sometimes is difficult however knowing what in the product that your canning is worth it!


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