Wednesday, March 16, 2011


All right I have to confess I'm a stockpiler. I was one long before I was a homesteader. I can't help it. It's almost an addiction. However isn't stockpiling part of being a homesteader? At first I didn't see it like that but I do now. You do need to be prepared for a disaster, lack of income, or do it just to save money. I have gotten away from stockpiling the convenience foods, cleaning products, toilet paper, paper products, feminine hygiene products to pretty much health & beauty items.
Though I have a lot of the cleaning products left. I'm trying get away from using all those chemicals to using more natural cleaners but I throw them away either. Let me show you how bad I'am:

Here is lower shelf in that closet of cleaning products
and here is even more underneath my sink, mostly hair products

Am I that bad?  Mind you this of course this took many years to build and I don't excessively use product so therefore everything last a long time. Though to dwindle my stash I have been giving away. Once the cleaning and ari freshners are gone there gone. I haven't purhcased those in over a year and half or even longer. Also so I don't look that crazy most of this was purchased with coupons for very little money and I have't really purchased any thing for over a year. Though I haven't completly come to terms with giving up any haircare products and that won't go away anytime soon. My hair is crazy without it.  Has anybody else had this much stuff or and I really that crazy??


  1. You're not crazy ;) You were thrifty in using coupons & taking advantage of sales. You were diligent in making sure you & your family has what it takes to get through hard times and still feel comfy. A lot of things you haven't had to shop for in over a year, I say "Yeeehaw"!

    Now that you've learned by actually doing, you now know what to cut back on. You know what's real important to you & your family, what you would like to make yourself right at home and what to buy more of.

    If things got really bad in the world out there, you have things you could barter with, trade or gift. You are ahead and doing well, I hope your food pantry looks as good and full. The only thing is, I might not put it out there for the world to see in case things got really bad. People tend to remember who's got what when things get bad.

    I am like you, started stocking up way back when... but 3 years ago decided to be real serious about the things I stocked. It's always good to be ready for whatever may come. Better to have and not need than to need and not have. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Sassy. Your right after you have stockpiled for a while and realize that you haven't really used those items you begin to notice what you really need and don't need to get by. I've also cut back on buying alot of things too. It's also nice to know that someone else does it too!!

  3. i'm working on this myself!!! i think its a great idea!!!


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