Monday, March 21, 2011

So Many Goals

Goals, goals, goals. As homesteaders there are so many thinks to learn it can be very overwhelming so my husband and I made this list to remind us of the goals we need to achieve to become more self-sufficient. This poster is taped on our closet door in the bedroom so that we see it every day. There are over forty items that are on the list and here are just a few:

learn to make cheese
learning to quilt
plant fruit trees
learn to sew again
make curtains
learn to crochet
learn to knit
upgrade fencing in chicken run
make chicken run larger
cut down trees to make pasture
learn about raising cows
make a 2nd garden this year
grow and dry herbs
learn to make homemade facial products
build another clothes line
use more fans this summer and less air conditioning
reduce propane use
build up larger firewood supply

Sometimes I look at that list as think wow we have a long way to go but then I remember where I was over two years ago. There were no chickens, I didn’t hang laundry to dry, didn’t use the fireplace during the winter for extra heat, didn’t have fresh veggies form my garden and didn’t have fresh homemade can goods, etc. So I guess I have come more-sufficient than I was. Does anybody else have a list like this?


  1. Visiting from the Barn Hop!
    I am a bit overwhelmed by your list too - LOL but I think you're on the right track. On the subject of learning to knit, a blog I follow is running a learn to knit series that you might like.
    It starts with this link:

  2. Welcome Jenn! Thanks for suggestion I will have check out the website. Thanks again!!

  3. Howdy - visiting from the barn hop - take a deep breath and stay calm and your list will get done soon.

  4. Great list! Yes, it may seem overwhelming at first, but it is totally doable. I only say that because my first list looked much like yours! ;) And now we've crossed off many of the items and added new ones.
    But, like a mentor once told me, if you ever reach the point in life where you've learned it all, you might as well be dead. hehe! So, I figure the more skills I aspire to learn, the better. Thanks for sharing this at the Homestead Barn Hop!

  5. Jill you make a good point :) If I knew how to do everything on my list I would have nothing new to learn.

  6. glad to know someone else has a list like this!

  7. Uh, WOW! That is some goals list. I am totally inspired now...or do I just feel inadequate, I am not sure. Best wishes. Jana

  8. Thanks Jana. It's a large but so far I have 3 things crossed off!!! Go Luck on yours!!

  9. Like a couple other folks I too have had a list like yours, actually I've had several lists :o We got through them sure enough, for some things it took longer to acquire. Three years later, we have a list but it has maybe 3 things on it, yeeehaw!

    Baby steps is good, know your limits, get what's most important done first and ask God for strength, endurance and wisdom.

  10. Sassy, you are right it does take baby steps. Actaully as of late we half almost half the list done. I plan on doing a post twords the end of the summer to show much we have accomplished. God had given us a lot of strength to get things accomplished.


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