Sunday, March 6, 2011

My First Post

This is my first post on my new blog and I'm very excitited to share my journey with others. My husband and I have been trying to homestead for just over two years. We aren't were we want to be but it's long journey. We live in the country about 25 minutes from a large town on 6.5 acres. This was a large change from living in a large city in an apartment.When we first bought our house, four years ago, we didn't really have homesteading in mind we just knew we were tired of living in the city and wanted more space. After a year and half of living in the coutry we began to start homesteading with little things like reducing our propane and energy usage, hanging clothes to dry and just being more aware of what we are eating. Then we got 5 chickens (hens) and now we are up to 40 chickens (hens and roosters). I never has fresh eggs until then and I love them! We hope to add more livestock this year. Please stay tuned becuase I will be posting what I'm doing to have more self-sufficent lifestyle and to live the homesteading dream.

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