Monday, May 2, 2011

Chicken Run Fence Pt 2

I'm so happy to say that we have finally finished our new larger chicken run!!! The ground was finally thawed 3 feet down this past weekend so we were able to sink the posts.The chickens love it since there's not only a sunny part but also a large shaded part since it partially in the woods. We decided to leave in the large tree limbs since they love to climb on the them.
Also we put the large tree limbs on the outside part of the fence on the ground to try and discourage dogs or fox from trying to dig underneath the fence. But to be extra cautious we buried poultry netting about 6 inches in the ground. There's around 900 square feet of space in the run and it's perfect so if we add more chickens we have plenty of room. All said and done this new chicken run cost around $65 since we already had most of the welded wire except 50 feet which we purchase along with the posts. It's seem like a lot of money when I look at it but I have to remember that it's and investment and will be used for many many years to come.

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