Sunday, May 22, 2011

Planting Our Garden

I was so excited that we got to plant our garden this week. It feels so great when you stand back and look at what you have planted and get a feeling of accomplishment. Also knowing what you just planted will being you many rewards later.
As I mentioned before we had blight the past two years so out tomatoes, cucumbers and melons either rotted on the vines or we harvested very little from the plant. We thought that the new garden we made would be enough along as we maximized our space but we were wrong so we ended up with 3 gardens.

Our original garden we planted corn, peppers, zucchini, squash and onions. We didn't have problems with peppers, onions or zucchini in that garden last year so we figured it would be ok.

Our new garden has the tomatoes, cucumbers and melons so hopefully we will have a bountiful harvest in the new spot.

Our third garden was items that we couldn't fit in our other two gardens such as green beans, more corn and potatoes.

Obviously we didn't plan as well as we should have. I had somewhat of a plan but my husband purchased more seeds and plants than what I originally planned but no big deal we made it work. I can't wait for everything to really start growing!!


  1. I had to laugh because my husband is notorious for squeezing in extra rows of things that were not in the original plan. Last year he thought he could squeeze two hills of potatoes in the 14" space between the peas and beans! It made for a lot of tiptoeing! lol

  2. I'm glad I'm not tyhe only one with a husband that like to do that :)

  3. I don't know much about blight. Do you have any idea how you combat it? Garden looks awesome! I am so jealous of the space you have! Do you live in the Midwest? We have been drowned in rain around these parts!

  4. We've read about a couple of ways to combat it such as plating corn. This is suppose to pull it out of the soil but we have yet to see if it works. Yes we do live in the Midwest- Michigan to be exact and it has been rainy in these parts.

  5. We live down south in Ohio. It has been quite a rainy season for us- hasn't it? I, regretfully, have to tell you that after my last comment, I started researching blight and we already have "early stages" of blight. Everything has it! It's spreading like wild flower... :(

  6. I'm so very sorry :( I think I'm going to do more research on what to do to combat blight while the plants are growing, if anything can be done. Some of my cukes leaves are turning yellow so I'm hoping though leaves just broke before I planted them and there just now dieing.

  7. Couple of questions to ask yourself:

    Did you use store bought potatoes to plant as oppose to buying seed potatoes or sets? Store bought is more prone to blight.

    When you planted your second year crop of potatoes, did you plant in a different spot? Nothing should be planted where last crop was for at least a year.

    Our first year of planting potatoe sets we bought from a Farm Bureau here in MI did very well. We had a butt load of them and 99% of them healthy. There were only 2 taters with blight (mushy, yucky, slimy spot of tater)

    We did not plant anything in that spot this year. I made sure to plant this years potato crop in a different area of garden. Nothing was planted in the old potato area, maybe next year. I am noticing some potato plants coming up in last years spot. It will be interesting to see it those produce some good potatoes without blight.

  8. Sassy, My DH bought the potato sets from the local feed mill. We planted them in a completely different spot than last year. I hope they turn out. Thanks for the info about not planting the same spot next year!! :)


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