Monday, May 30, 2011

Chicken Tractor

It seems like every time I go to the grocery store the price of all natural chicken would go up and the quality would go down. Last week when I purchased the chicken it was the last straw I went home and told my husband that we need to start raising meat birds. We currently do have layers birds but not meat birds so this will be a new adventure.

We built a chicken tractor this past week in hopes of getting meat chickens in the next week The idea for tractor is a light weight (light enough for me to not have a problem lifting it) easy to move and cheap. My husband and I scoured the internet and magazines try to find something that would suite our needs. What my husband came up with was a variation of many different ones we looked at. Here are the details: It's 6 x8 which will house at least 25 birds. 1 x 2's  boards are used for the frame, the wheels that are on the rear of the tractor were taken of a fertilizer spreader and poultry netting for protection. I'm very excited to start meat birds.

Like I mentioned we never raised these type of birds but I have read a lot about them for instance they can't roost, limit their food intake so they don't over eat, make sure they are kept cool in the very hot weather and that you really only can raise them8-10 weeks because they can have health problems when they get too big. For any of you that currently raise them is there anything I should know??


  1. Meat chickens tend to have a lot of leg problems. I don't raise meat chickens, but we were VERY close to. We discussed it thoroughly with the seller, and before we made the deal I spotted some way in a far corner that couldn't bend their legs and looked sickly. When I asked about it, the seller said it's normal for meat chickens to get leg issues because they grow so fast. So be aware :) But that tractor is awesome! It's a very good idea! We just let our chickens free range in our backyard. (we have 10 layer chickens.)

  2. Yes meat chickens do tend to get leg problems if you give them a piece of raw liver to eat it helps . The leg problem is caused by a difficieny of some nutrient. I don't know what it is but the liver works.
    Do not make friends with the chickens! My kids kow that anything "white" will end up on our table.
    Fresh chicken is much better than store bought and takes a bit longer to cook.

  3. Thanks for the compliment Amanda!! I have read about all the leg problems. I hoping it won't be a huge issue.

  4. That's interesting about the liver. Where do you get the liver from, cows? We've recently bought fresh chicken from the local butcher and it was better than store bought. I bet the your own raised chicken will evern be better.


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