Sunday, May 1, 2011

Being Frugal with Health and Beauty Products

I do want to move towards more natural health and beauty prodcuts but I have much back stock to go thtough. Like I've mentioned before I'm a stockpiler (not sure if that's a word) however even though I may get it cheap I still use the items sparingly. For example I mark my disposaible contact box, contact solution, expensive shampoo with the date that I opened it. That way I can try to make those items last as along as they can.

For eye make-up remover I mix 1 part baby shampoo to 3 parts water and shake. It's cheap and probably better for your eyes. I also use toothpaste as a zit zapper. I put in the the zit and will bring down the swelling.

I also color my hair which I try to do it as cheaply as possible. I get the items from Sally Beauty supply. I use a bowl and brush and you get these for a couple of dollars and they're reusable. The color and volume which run about $10 for these items however the volume while last for a long time and depending on the length of your hair you should be able to get a 2-3 or more coloring out of the one tube. This is cheaper than buying the mid-level brand of hair-color.

I purchase all my make-up when a local drug store does a buy one get one free and I use a buy on get one free couple which makes it free. For other health and beauty products I always look for coupons and wait for it to go on sale. I would like to eventually get away from using make-up but I work in a professional office setting so I need to play the part.

Since I haven't been to completely give up a lot of these items yet since I have a quite a few items in the stockpile. Though when my items run out I will be looking for more natural substitutes. What are some of your suggestions for saving money of health and beauty products that have to be purchased? Or some cheap substitutes that you make sure self?

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  1. I have a stockpile of items that I have found to contain ingredients that are not good for me and I don't really want to use them. But, I am keeping them to use should thing "go south" and I can't get the items that I prefer (Jordan Essentials).


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