Monday, May 9, 2011

Tilling Up the Garden

I'm delighted to say that we tilled up our new garden this past weekend. We had to move our location of the garden because we got blight two years in a row. The blight affected our tomatoes big time two years in a row. Some of the tomatoes would only half ripen, they would split open before they were ripe or they would fall of the ripe before they would ripen and never ripen after that.
 Last year the both the cucumbers and melons swelled and bloated. So we decided to move the garden and hopefully avoid all this this year. It's discouraging to put so much effort into nurturing your garden all summer long in hope of having a large bounty to preserve and it doesn't happen. Luckily we planted 50 tomato plants last year so I still got an ok crop to can. Our new garden isn't as large as the old one so I really need to maximize my space. I plan on doing this by planting things a little more closely than I did in my other garden, I spaced my hot and green pepper to far apart last year so this year will be differnent. I'm also putting the cucumbers and beans on trellisis. I'm also hglad I hadn't planted anything yet because we were under freeze warning last week. Can't wait to start plantig soon, hopefully by next weekend!!!!


  1. I hope you garden grows good this year, that would be a bit discouraging to put all of that work in for not a whole lot!

  2. Looks great! Oh, how I love to garden! Looking forward to seeing your abundance throughout the season! :-)

  3. Thank you me too!!! Cant wait to taste the fruit of my labors :o)


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